BINONDO – City’s Chinatown and the world’s oldest China town. And when in Binondo, it means FOOD TRIP!! I can’t count how many times I have visited the place because everytime I go to Binondo, I always find something new to experience.




WAI YING Fastfood located at Buenavidez Street. It always comes first whenever I think of Binondo cause after several times of eating there, it became my all time favorite. We ordered Hakaw, Raddish cake, Roasted duck rice aaaaand MILK TEA!! I may sound over reacting but their milk tea is so delicious!! Actually, I always crave for their milk tea, if only they are just near so that I can buy it everyday! I have also tried their lemonade and I must say it is also the best in town!


TASTY DUMPLINGS located at Masangkay Street. Their best sellers are the pork chop and fried dumplings.


SINCERITY CAFE AND RESTAURANT located at Yuchengco Street. We had Oyster Cake and of course THE famous fried chicken.


We also tried the famous  Shanghai fried siopao, Kuchai dumplings from Dong Bei and Fresh Lumpia (forgive me, I forgot the name of the stall where we bought it). After the food crawl, you can just stroll around, feel the vibes of the place and find interesting stuff like jewelries, fruits and many more!


Processed with VSCO with p5 presetEnding the day with a pangmalakasan photo at Jones Bridge. We didn’t go home straight just to have a picture taken in that spot.

Binondo, Manila



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Located at the First United Building beside Fred’s Revolution, we found this artsy place called HUB: MAKE LAB. Where local artists showcases there art works, clothes, books and etc. As you go inside, you can find this cute little coffee shop called THE DEN.

Escolta, Manila


I am always fascinated and interested about the history and culture of one’s place that I go to. This year, one of my resolutions was to experience something new.  Well, I can’t count how many weekends we’ve been going back to Manila. I must say its a new experience for me because It’s just me and my friend who tried these things and also a first that I’m not with my family.

INTRAMUROS – The historical core of Manila. I appreciate how it was still preserved and the vibe feels like I am in the Spanish regime. We didn’t rent a kalesa or pedicab inorder for us to explore the place instead we just walked and enjoyed strolling around.

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Processed with VSCO with m3 preset(Bambike)

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset(Posh kalesa’s for rent)

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P_20170212_120345(Fort Santiago)

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Processed with VSCO with m3 preset(The view from Fort Santiago)

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Processed with VSCO with p5 preset(Ayuntamiento de Manila)

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Our tired and hungry faces not after the long walk, but after an hour or 2 we spent in a thrift shop we just passed by after visiting Manila Cathedral. Here we just sat on the pavement while waiting for our Uber to arrived to go to our next stop.

Intramuros, Manila, Philippines

New Year, New Andventure

Happy New Year everyone!

I know, I know. I always say that I will write frequently here in my blog. So my new year’s resolution is for me to be able to update my blog regularly. Maybe it can be a way for not to be bored since I’m away from home. Okayyy enough with the explanations. HAHA

How was your NYE? Mine was pretty boring. Well it’s because I didn’t get to see that much fireworks. But atleast, I celebrated it with my whole family. I was just super happy that I get to go home and spend the holidays with them. Nothing beats family time!

(Wine and sushi time while waiting for midnight)

So yeah, the morning after NYE, we travelled to Manaoag, Pangasinan and attended the mass at the Our Lady of Manaoag church. After the mass, we were supposed to travel to La union to visit some relatives and the grave of my late grandmother (havent visited her since she was buried) but an unfortunate event happened. We were hit by a tricycle along West Poblacion, Rosario. Thank God we were all safe but the driver was badly injured. What a way to start the year right? But atleast everyone is safe and alive.

So that sums up my first day of the year. Looking forward for more adventures this year!



A New Journey


I had a post where I would reincarnate my blog. But oh man, It so hard to keep up. For the past 9 months, everything that had happened was so fast. From my graduation, to contemplating on what I’m going to do with my life after school, to searching for a job and etc. So okay, lets start from where I left. I had already graduated from college (yaaaay!) and after my graduation, I would always have my alone time. I would be reflecting on what should I do with my life because A.) I have no plans on what job I really wanted to have. B.) If ever I got interested in a job, I lose hope in having it because it is really difficult to enter a big company. C.) I am still in denial that the time has come and its time for me to face the real world and D.) I have been deciding whether I would survive if I work out of town because most companies (especially if I wanted to enter a corporate world) are located in NCR.  4 months after, I have been employed. I got my first job! Though it was a tough decision for me since I need to move out of town, I’d be away from home (huhuhuhu). New environment, new faces, different personalities, different attitude. At first, It was hard for me because I don’t know where to start. Everything is new to me.  But as months had passed by, I had adjusted quickly in every situation I encountered and learned different things I didn’t know I am capable of. Most of the time I am alone. I have exploring all by myself. It’s funny that I realized that I’ve been talking to myself a lot lately (scolding myself and telling that I have been stupid in a certain situation) haha!

Since I had started working, my “adulting” stage had begun. Mahhhn, the feels of paying your own bills. I feel so proud! haha!. Now that I have been independent for the past few months, It has been a journey for me where I am really knowing myself well. I think because most of the time that I am alone, I go and search for places.  Everyday, I discover something that I can learn from. Right now I am looking forward to post more of my “Adulting” adventures.


After doing some errands, My mom and I went to this artisan cafe called Cafe de Angelo. It is located in Chapis Village, Baguio City where it is away from the very busy central business district. The environment itself is very quiet and it is really a place to hangout and catch up with your friends. Their price for their food and beverage is very reasonable and very affordable.

We ordered Barako drip coffee, Iced Cappuccino (16oz), Baked Chicken Sandwich, and Single Patty Burger Sandwich.

Cafe de Angelo is really the perfect place to dine and unwind away from the very busy central business district. I’ll definitely be back to try their other food.

PS. Hope you enjoyed this comeback post since my blog has been resurrected. More improvements to come and more posts! See ya’ll!



cropped-2.jpgHello everyone! It’s been a while since my blog was updated. Now I’m back! Can you believe it? I just graduated from college! and in fact, I started this blog since I was 4th year high school. A lot has changed and so many events had happened.This young folk can’t wait to share those events that highlighted my college days. So basically, now that I’m officially unemployed, I decided to update and recreate my blog. I just can’t wait to relive my blog again. I have so many things to share, from new hangouts here in Baguio, to my travel experiences and many more! This is a work in progress. Hope you’ll enjoy reading!


Angel Monique